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Published writer. Husband, father, cat and dog owner. Scotsman living in America. Whovian. Finding humor in everyday life. Also@Newsbreak-The Hungry traveler

Why does Rocket deserve his own show?


With DC having over 30 movies to its franchise and Marvel having 23, there is no lack of superhero movies to quench our thirst.

Writers have done an incredible job developing all these storylines. You can’t help but wonder that they have four or five movies in mind when writing one movie.

With Marvel, the movies and shows are all interwoven. The easter eggs abound in huge quantities; it’s a wonder the writers don’t get lost in all the branch-off storylines, characters, events, and battles. Maybe they do!!?

One thing we love about the Avengers is that they work as…

Discovering new music is good for the soul


Finding a new band is like a kid getting a new toy. It’s hard to put down. For days and days, it’s all you listen to.

You develop a love for certain songs, burn out your iPhone, and irritate your mate with the same lyrics being played and sung repeatedly.

Discovering a new band inevitably makes me jump on WIKI to investigate their history, albums, previous projects, and associated bands. Yeah, I know WIKI is a questionable source for accurate information. But I’m not gathering information for a lawsuit against DuPont, so chillax.

Pandora and Spotify are great ways to…

Family drama

I am the middle brother of Mario and Luigi, and I can tell you from experience, they stink at plumbing.

Business partners

Before they went into the video game world, the three of us were business partners and ran a plumbing business. More like “ran” it into the ground. They never showed up on time and never wanted to put in a full day’s work. Customers were always complaining about shoddy work and leaky pipes.

Luigi would come to work while out of his face on magic mushrooms. He used to think he was a giant and was being chased by Koopa…

Join me

So I started to write news articles on NewsBreak and so far it’s been good. I have gotten a couple of 8 scores and a 9 for my articles. With 10 being the best.

Sometimes is good to escape

(Self-published for “the experiment”)

Last year the pandemic aroused a feeling of hibernation and isolation. It meant more time people spent alone and by ourselves. We needed to find other things to do, apart from mindlessly surfing TikTok and Instagram.

For many, they began writing, or finished that long-awaited book. Some started painting, or binge-watching all those shows on their Netflix and Prime lists.

For me, it was both writing and Podcasts.

Here a list of my top 5 podcasts.

David Tennent Does a Podcast With…

“I’m Gonna Die”

(Self-published for “the experiment”)

I tossed and turned all night trying to level out the congestion in my nasal passages.

You know how it goes, one side fills up while the other side is totally clear, dried out like a leaf blowing in the wind. You roll over and the other side fills up. It’s awful. What’s worse is it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve had my COVID vaccine, but all I can think is somehow the virus penetrated my immune system and antibodies. There is a 5% chance right? …

What I have learned

(Self-published for “the experiment” )

So in order to get some moola on NewsBreak there are a bunch of rules. Two of the major ones are;

You need at least 10 posts

You need at least 200 followers.

Keeping it real

The 10 post’s isn’t a big deal, but gaining 200 followers might pose a difficult wall to climb.


Finding writers or ‘creators’ (just call them writers, don’t try to be different!) can be difficult to navigate. As far as I can tell, when someone comments on your posts, you are annoyingly unable to click on their names and see their profile…

Short prose

(self-published for “the experiment” )

I hate being at the office with people on days likes this; I hate being with people, period. Every spoken word grinds me the wrong way. The fuse of explosive anger is lit and burns away, getting shorter and shorter by the minute.

People’s mannerisms I interpret incorrectly. I am convinced there are hidden meanings behind every stare or glance. The absence of chemicals in my brain create someone else, someone hateful and combatant. Unbalanced brain chemicals are like gasoline with too much oil and not enough ethylene, causing lousy performance. A lasagna…

Like a broken jar full of pearls

(Self-published for “the experiment”)

The two of them strolled through the woods. The path crunched below them as they walked on the crushed stone walkway. Shafts of sunlight streaked through the trees. In the sunbeams, tiny dust particles and flying insects could be seen floating in slow motion. In the undergrowth, there was movement as some small creatures ran for cover, or played, whatever it is they did in their little animal world. The wooded areas were a few hundred yards from the hustle and bustle of the small village. Sounds from the town could be heard, a delivery truck…

Robbie Sheerin

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