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Published short story writer dreaming of a book deal. Husband, father, cat and dog owner. Scotsman living in America. Whovian. Also writer of rants and essays.

Dear low follower and low applause medium writer,

I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised to have received this email today!

Dear low follower and low applause medium writer

We monitor struggling low-level writers such as your pathetic self, who try hard but fail every month to crank out quality stories, essays, and rants.

We have selected 1,000 medium writers in April who deserves recognition for their efforts. We are sending you and 999 other bad writers $0.13 as a bonus.

We also sent out $500 bonuses, but you will not be eligible to receive this amount in bonus money; you…

This is their punishment

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With exact precision, the little hand passes by each number on the clock face. Every toothed wheel and gear pushes the little hand toward my last breath — three hundred full revolutions remain.

Time does not pause for anything or anyone, we are just objects that peel away from the stream of time as it relentlessly pushes forward. The thought of being non-existing is overwhelming, leaving a dark void within the soul. Life and everyone else will continue on their journey while I will be left behind, buried and motionless. …

This is not just any old article about trading. Vital tips for protecting your money.

“What has happened in the past will happen again. This is because Markets are driven by humans, and human nature never changes.”-Jesse Livermore

Let me start by setting a few things straight:

1. These are financial tips and in no way telling you what stocks to invest in, and you must do your own research.

2. You will not become rich ‘overnight’ unless, of course, you have a million dollars, to begin with. If you have a million dollars, I’m surprised you waste your time reading medium articles written by little old me.

3. Do not invest your mortgage payment…

A wife and me, her embarrassing husband

So today, my wife and I went for our first vaccine shot. My wife was a little worried about blood clots, but I assured her that there is more chance of dying from COVID-19 than getting a blood clot. I hoped I was right; I couldn’t live without my wife. Let’s face it, guys, we are idiots, and we need our wives.

So we went ahead and booked our appointments and decided to go together.

Now, I have never been known or told that I am high maintenance, but somehow I came away from the vaccine center being labeled as…

YouTube is full of videos of cover songs. Here are some of my favorites you may not have heard.
  1. ‘Purple Rain’ by The Waterboys.

The Scottish/Irish rock band was established in 1983 and has released 16 albums. They are still going strong today with the original lead singer, Mike Scott.

Steve Wickham is a violist and has played as a guest musician for U2, Sinead O’Conner, and Elvis Costello.

The Waterboys are known for such amazing songs as ‘Fisherman’s Blues, ‘The Whole Of The Moon,’ and ‘The Raggle Taggle Gypsy.’

The band comprises many talented musicians, which gives way to an array of styles of music such as punk, rock, and classic Irish folk.

The violinist Steve Wickham…

“i have never heerd off gramerly’

these is a lettor two my hi skool teecher whom sed I wood never be come a riter,

WeLL I did!!!

thx u to Mediem I have now be come a riter

my mommy sed if I folow my hart my dreems wood come true…. And they did!!

i hope that U feel bad for trying two brake up my dreems off riting

Let this be a lessin two u. U r their still teeching and I am hear intirnashinal riter!

when u tell kids they can not do some thing b carfill u don’t stubble them,

words can hurt…

Never give up

In moments of fear and dwindling hope, a man can find himself clawing and scraping up the cliffs of desperation.

His fingers, bloody and torn. His knees, shredded and scraped.

Every heave forward causes his spine to throb with pain, and being felt in his neck and head.

His body, bends and crumbles, ready to snap and break.

Refreshment and relief are only found at the ever-elusive summit.

A man’s strength is forged in the fires of his past. Giving him the strength to climb the never-ending cliffs of life. …

How well do you know your neighbors?

So a car has been sitting across the road from my driveway for about a month, I think. It’s rather annoying since I have to be careful not to hit it every time I back out of my driveway.

‘Beep beep beep beep’ goes my car as it warns me of an impending fender bender.

This annoying obstacle in the road is not the neighbor’s vehicle, but rather, the neighbor’s boyfriend. They are a retired couple in their late sixties.

It’s a strange relationship in that they don’t live together. But they have been dating, for at least seven years…

“I am proud to have you as my wife.” A story of love never failing.

In the winter months, Luxy was a rather gloomy town; everything was closed, deserted, and looked like a ghost town. If it were the wild west there would be tumbleweed slowly blowing across the prairie.

But when summer arrived, everything opened up like a flower in the spring sunshine, spreading its petals and welcoming the sun. The Fish and chip shops, ice cream parlors, and arcades all came out of hibernation. The beaches, overcrowded with white pasty brits lying on obnoxiously bright colored beach towels. Lathering their bratty children with bottles of sunscreen.

“Well, my little princess, here we are…

We could be anywhere

Image public domain, modified from original.

Four days had passed since the rocketship crash-landed back on earth. The two pilots had been walking for three of those days.

With each passing day, their rations became depleted along with their will to survive. Their prayers became more frequent in a desperate measure to be saved by either humans or angles.

The scorching hazy heat blazed down, causing the men to see things and begin to imagine the voices of strangers. Oftentimes replying. It should have been exciting spotting an outcrop, but again was it just a mirage?

As they approached, a large rock incredibly began to change…

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